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The idea is simple: Share pics of beautiful and nice cosplayers.
This is just a hobby for me. I do not make or sell prints, posters, calendars and other things. I don't make any profit with this blog.
The images are not mine and, of course, I credit them. If you see your cosplay or your photo here and you would like it removed or credited differently, please let me know by clickink at the "ask me anything" buttom. If you are a cosplayer or a photographer you are welcome to submit your photos, but please credit the cosplayer and the photographer and be sure that both of them agree to share the pic.
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Katybear (USA) as M. Bison, from Street Fighter.

Photo by: Grant Brummett’s Photography

Ekidna Costumes (France) as Wonder Woman.

Photo I by: Steven Boitel Photographe

Photo II by: Kurasu

Photo III by: Dominique Secher Photographe

gillykins (Canada) as Catwoman.

Cowl by: Reevzfx

Photo by: Paul Hillier Photography


Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Submitted by 

DalinCosplay (Mexico) as Shadow Lady.

Photo by: CatoKusanagi


Series: Sailor Moon
Style: Burlesque
Uranus: Blue Shoes Cosplay / blueshoescosplay
Neptune: MEW21 Cosplay / mew21cosplay
Photographer: Short Fuse Pinups
/ shortfusepinups

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(via cosplayhotties)

Cosplayer: Caroline Cosplay
Character: Psylocke from X-Men comics
Photographer: Ron Bird Art

Cosplayer: Caroline Cosplay

Character: Psylocke from X-Men comics

Photographer: Ron Bird Art

Becca Batgirl  (USA) as Batgirl. (Cowl by Reevzfx)

Photo I by: Geri Kramer Photography

Photo II by: Mat Luschek Photography

Photo III by: Saffels Photography

KokoroKristin (USA) as Power Girl.

Photo I by: Felix Wong Photography

Photos II and III by: Felicis Rook


Wow! Love this image of Meagan Marie as Poison Ivy!

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Destiny Nickelsen (USA) as Harley Quinn.

Photo by: Tobias Roybal Photography.