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BevanMania (USA) as Wonder Woman.

Photo by: Jason Ernst


Danger Prone Daphne Blake
Cosplayer: Callie Cosplay
C4 - Central Coast Comic Con
Photography by Alvin Johnson Photography
Instagram: alvinphotog
Twitter: @alvinphotog

Submitted by 


Photographer: PhotosNSX
Black Cat: Cid
Rouge: Pippin

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Cosplayer: Ashayla Webster

Character: Catwoman (New 52)

Photographer: Della Photography

Jessica LG (USA) as WWII Wonder Woman.

Hair and make up by Chrissy Lynn

Photos by: JessicaLG Official Print Store

BevanMania (USA) as Batgirl.

Photos by: thesoulcrash

 Lady Shepard (USA) as Captain Marvel. Jessica LG (USA) as Spider-Woman.

Photo by: David Ngo



Wonder Woman Cosplayed by V330 Creations, photographed by WeNeals


Also, man, this looks fantastic. Good job, everyone!

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Su-rine (Denmark) as Power Girl.

Photo I by: simplearts

Photo II by: Art by Løvstrøm 


So my HarleyQuinn from Arkham City still have to tweak with it a little more.

Model: Kat-Cha Nyan (me)

Photographer: JPOOL (

Event: Saboten con

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shelle-chii (Canada) as Wonder Woman.

Photos by: ZandragonDesigns